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Winter is technically here so it’s time to switch up my skincare routine slightly. Like I mentioned in a previous post, focusing on skincare as part of my beauty routine remains a process of trial and error for me. I definitely have a few holy grail products but I’m always open to trying something new so I was interested (and slightly sceptical) to see how the Celltone products would fair against my oily/combination skin.

Celltone is known for their use of snail gel extract throughout their products which has proven healing and anti-ageing properties. This was first discovered by snail farm workers who noticed how soft their hands would become after a day’s work in the field. I’ll admit that my first encounter with this discovery was via an infomercial so I took it with a pinch of salt for sure (no shade to all the snails out there). Because the range is focused on anti ageing, I planned to monitor hydration as the key benefit.
Many of you had many questions about the range so this is certainly a case of first impressions rather than a full on review because I’ve only been using the products for about a month. If your current routine begins and ends with the basic three steps, prepare to stop your jaw from hitting the floor. The luxury pack consists of six products: a facial wash, toner, cleanser, exfoliator, mask, moisturiser with SPF 15. And a bonus product – the Celltone tissue oil. I also received their SPF 50 sunscreen, Xtra hydrating treatment and their Snail Extract gel (this peaked my interest the most). More than a handful for some, but I didn’t find this too overwhelming for someone who already has a 7-8 step routine but I can already imagine some of you reading this with wide eyes.
1. Facial Wash
The texture is light and slightly creamy with little fragrance. My skin felt squeaky clean without drying out which I quite liked. Apart from the snail gel extract its also rich in vitamins E and B5, chamomile, jasmine and witchhazel extracts which collectively work to moisturise, condition and regenerate the skin. Vitamin B5 also works as a humectant (attracts and retains water) so you’ll not only feel a difference in how hydrated your skin feels but also improves it’s texture and elasticity. I also noticed that my skin was much calmer and any spots that popped up during my cycle were less than usual and quite manageable which i’m going to give the witchhazel credit for. So if you have dry or sensitive skin, you could definitely give this try.
2. Cleansing lotion
This could easily be confused as a moisturiser from its creamy texture. This works similarly to a cleansing milk; its non-foaming, dissolves excess oil, makeup and other impurities. I’m used to double cleaning usually so I used this as my pre-cleanse step before the facial wash. This also contains vitamins E, B5 and C.
3. Exfoliator
Another creamy product! I didn’t really enjoy this at all because of the ‘fine’ bamboo exfoliating particles. Let me just say that those particles could have been finer. I do prefer chemical over physical exfoliation so this was never going to be a match made in heaven for me. If you’re someone who likes to feel like you are removing rough/dead skin, then this may be the one for you.
4. Toner
I quite liked the smell of this which could be due to the rose oil and it also scored some points because its alcohol-free. This is what a toner should aim to be: mild on the skin, soothing and neutralising the pH of your skin. And that it how it made me feel! The toner also contains triclosan (an anti-bacterial active), is infused with Rose water, Oat and Wheat extracts to moisturise the skin. From my experience, this could work if you have dry/normal/combination skin.
5. Moisturiser
Out of all the products, this is 1 of 2 that I was most sceptical about. Because of my oily/combination skin, the mention of ‘for all skin types’ makes me walk away from the shelf before I even have a chance to read the label. I cheated many times in the first week by alternating between this and my normal moisturisers but eventually came to my senses by making an effort to use it consistently. With a medley of Argan, Calendula and Olive oil, you cannot blame me for being hesitant and it turned out to work far better than I expected i.e. it did not leave me looking shiny like a disco ball by lunch time. It also didn’t give me that weird ‘my skin feels oily af but looks matte af feeling’ that I’ve gotten from some moisturisers that promise to work for dry, oily and everything in-between skin type. It contains UVA & UVB sunscreen filters, Vitamins A, B3, C & E to soften and moisturise the skin and Snail Extract enriched. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised.
 6. Mask
Last but certainly not least is the hydrating mask. Without a doubt this was my favourite product during the trial! I saw the magic of this after a night out with friends; sadly i’m not as young as I used to be so the effects of a few drinks can’t be erased as easily as it used to. Along with tons of water as usual, I went through the motions and ended off with this before bed. Expecting to be met by a lacklustre me the next morning, I walked into my bathroom to meet a glowing goddess in the mirror. This is prior to my mandatory berry smoothie that aids to restore my glow. So please believe me when I say that the description on the bottle told no lies:
Formulated to replace lost moisture and hydration in skin. Infused with moisturising actives, elastin, collagen, keratin and vitamins to restore skin’s natural elasticity. Long lasting effect on improving skin hydration and cell regeneration. Attracts moisture molecules to the surface leaving the skin hydrated. Snail Extract enriched.
6 steps down and I think I can say there were more hits than misses. I’ll be sharing more about the Snail Extract gel, SPF50 sunscreen, Xtra hydrating treament and their tissue oil in a separate post, so look out for that soon.
Also if you’ve tried these and any other products from the Celltone range, let me know if any have become some of your favs :).

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  1. May 24, 2017 / 11:45 am

    I have been very skeptical to try celltone because it gets mixed reviews and my skin is sensitive. One wrong product and things will turn sour, with break out after break out. Maybe I should start looking into it, since nothing seems to work for my skin

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