01:05, Saturday

So, I am a UCT graduate now and I have been on a school break for almost 3 months now. Well, considering the fact that I have graduated now, I guess that means I’ve been officially unemployed for nearly 3 months now. While waiting to get feed back from internships and post graduate applications i have been keeping myself busy with a little reading and lot of napping and eating.

The book that I every now and again dive into is ‘Americanah’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Achide. A lot of the people I follow on twitter caused a lot of hype around this book and it seemed like they were all reading it at the same time. I told myself that I would let the hype die down and dive into it as soon as I had some down time. So this is the down time and i have been gripped by the book.

This isn’t a review on the book (as I’m not done reading it), but rather how the book has made me feel. I have just closed the book at the beginning of chapter 34 and I’m lying down in the dark as I type this because I don’t want any of the ideas that now fill my mind to escape me.

Reading of how the character Ifemelu┬ámakes a career change and finds a way of identifying society’s flaws through her blog got me thinking about my own blog and blogging career. I realise that half of the time I don’t blog because I haven’t attending a major event or haven’t come across a hidden gem or trend that has blown my mind. But that’s not how and what I want my blog to be about. I want to blog more, blog more about what I’m thinking, and what I’m feeling about myself and about trends/issues and the happenings in society. I know that’s what twitter is for really but most of the time when one disagrees with the general consensus then people often think you’re doing so to gain more followers. I also feel like 140 characters isn’t enough for someone like me who has a lot going on in their heads to sum up what I’m really trying to say.

So I shall say it here. On this blog. Random ramblings will be the majority of the post and tips, tricks, trends and places to go will appear on occasion. I think this way I will be able to find my voice and also blogger often.

Let’s see how this goes. ­čÖé
(I’ll edit and proof read this in the morning)

Goodnight x