Airport Survival 101

If there is one thing that gives me anxiety no matter what, it is the trip to the airport. I am a frequent (domestic trip) flyer, I could have two – three flights per week in and out of Johannesburg but the trip to the airport doesn’t get any easier. With the constant flying, however, I have gained some knowledge that does ease my anxiety enough to get me passed the boarder gates. I have partnered up with Travelstart to share some  of my useful tips to help you get to your destination in one piece.

  1. Always check-online! Sometimes airlines double book so checking in on-line ensures that the seat that you have paid for is yours and will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive at the airport. An early online check-in also means that you get to skip the queues if you happen to be running late to board your flight. There usually  separate line where you simply drop off your bag and head to the boarding gate. You don’t have to wait for a boarding pass as that can get emailed directly to your phone. I love that part of checking-in online because there’s less chance of you losing your pass and its a good way to save paper. Yay!
  2. Know how far the airport is from your home or wherever you will be on the day of your flight. Always consider the day of the week and the time of day of your flight. Early morning traffic during the week can be unpredictable and can really delay your trip to the airport no matter how close you live to the airport.
  3. This is a weird one but if you are a first time flyer, I would advise that you use Lanseria Airport. It is smaller in size making it is easier to navigate; making it less over whelming than O.R Tambo International Airport which is massive. The size alone of O.R Tambo International Airport can literally make you sick. Although you will have to fly from  O.R International Airport eventually in your lifetime, Lanseria International Airport could make for a quick and painless first time trip!
  4. Always make sure that your laptop, phone and boarding pass are easily accessible as you will have to take them out of your handbag/backpack as you enter the boarding gates. You don’t want to be that person still scratching through their bag, holding up the line, or worse you are running late for your own flight and now you’re delayed again. Not a vibe.
  5. Take advantage of the restaurants and cafes at the airports that have WIFI. It still blows my mind that both Lanseria International Airport and O.R Tambo International Airport both don’t have WIFI throughout their premises but a few of the restaurants there do. At Lanseria you can sit at Vida E café and at O.R Tambo International you can have a yummy filling breakfast and free WIFI at Wimpy. Always ask the staff at the restaurants before hand if they have working WIFI and a free plug-in point for you to charge your devices while you wait for your flight. Always bare in mind what time your flight boards, I always set an alarm so that I know that it is time to start walking towards my boarding gate.

I hope these tips come in handy!