Before The Crash by Mr Clandestine


BeforeTheCrash is a photography & travel blog on Tumblr that I have been working on with the brilliant and talented Photographer, Dustin Lewis (Mr Clandestine). Dustin Lewis is well known for being (Grammy award winning artist) Miguel’s personal photographer but that’s not where his achievements end, Dustin has shot for other various artists in the industry and fashion magazines in and around The United States of America. His wonderful work can be seen here, familiarize yourself!

I was fortunate enough to collaborate with him in producing this photography & travel blog which we decided to name ‘BeforeTheCrash’. Working with someone as established as Dustin is not something that one easily comes by, especially for a young township girl in South Africa so i was honored to be given that opportunity. I created and edited the tumblr page and used all of Dustin’s photography, which he sent regularly, from his travels with Miguel as the basis of the blog. The blog also has photographs from shoots with models,  and exhibitions that Dustin has attended.

I am really passionate about blogging and photography and that’s something that Dustin saw in me which is one of the reasons why he chose to collaborate with me. Dustin’s work has elements of romance, mystery and  is sometimes dark and shadowy. I have literally been in awe with every single photograph that he has sent me. I truly pray that I am offered more opportunities to collaborate with him once again whether it be to blog for him, be his personal assistant  or his muse (LOL). With someone like Dustin, you just want to sit there and absorb everything that he has to say and teach you.

This is only the beginning for both him and I, Dustin is the next big thing. I am yet to meet the amazing man, so hopefully that too happens in the future.

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