Eat Out | Burger & Lobster


Bree Street is home to some of Cape Town’s best bars and restaurants and one of the latest additions is Burger and Lobster. I heard about the new hotspot via Twitter and have been dying to go ever since so it was at the top of my list when planning my Cape Town trip a few weeks back.

To someone passing by, the elegant red carpet and bold name on the wall may seem strange for what lies behind the black doorway. The interior combines high ceilings and the original brick walls of the building to create a New York look yet it still has a rustic feel that makes you feel right at home. Apart from the extensive bar selection, the first thing I noticed was the blue tank at the entrance; which houses the lobster below a quirky chalkboard with the key elements of the restaurant’s menu. What makes Burger & Lobster different from many establishments is that they what you see is what you get. So what can you expect on the menu? A B&L Burger, B&L Lobster Roll and fresh Whole Lobster – from tank to table – done two ways. Although the menu is simple, what arrives at your table will have you drooling before you can even reach for your napkin.

Owners Anthony Protoulis, Niko Tiftikidis and Paolo Carrara first saw the concept abroad and decided to give it a try at home. Not new to the restaurant scene (between them they own City Grill, Meloncino, Greek Fisherman, La Playa and Love Revenge Cappuccino) they saw a gap in the market especially because many places don’t offer the range of crayfish that Burger & Lobster does. The limited menu also means that they’re able to focus on making everything in-house (from the rolls right down to the pickles) and offer patrons a scrumptious experience every time.

Twiggy and I were joined by our friend, Aya, who recently moved to Cape Town. She’d also been wanting to check out the spot so we were all quite amped to get our orders down. Aya and I opted for the B&L gourmet burger; a 250g pure steak patty stacked on a freshly baked sesame roll topped with two types of homemade cheese, maple syrup bacon, red onion, lettuce, tomato and home-pickled gherkins, which is then drizzled with homemade mayonnaise with a side of skinny fries and a mini green salad. A mouthful to say the least.

Twiggy ordered the B&L Lobster Roll which is equally as yummy; lobster tail (originally frozen) in a freshly baked new England-style brioche dressed with Japanese mayonnaise. If you really want to go all out, you could opt for the fresh Whole Lobster – either steamed or steamed grilled – with the same sides. Being in the mood, I made the rookie error of not negotiating with Twiggy to get the half-and-half option (sharing the lobster roll and burger with sides). I would recommend this if you don’t want to pass out in your chair unless you have an appetite the size of a grizzly bear.

I know I mentioned that the menu is simple but the selection of beverages hold their own! Their cocktail menu alone includes apertifs, pairings for the various meal offerings as well as digestifs. The Coney Island and the Bramblin About Town are definitely ones I could even enjoy on their own. My major regret about my visit was not ordering dessert but I was stuffed beyond capacity (I didn’t even finish my burger on-site). White chocolate crème brulee, an Oreo and Nutella cheesecake, Lindt brownies, Mississippi mudpie and Oreo chocolate mousse is what is on offer to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. I’ll be sure to have dessert first on my next visit! From what we ordered, our bill went past the R500 mark so I would say this is the minimum you should be willing to part with – very fair for what you get.. I would highly recommend Burger & Lobster because the service was impeccable (a pleasant surprise from the Cape Town service I’m accustomed to) and everything is really as good as it looks.

Pop in on 105 Bree Street, Monday to Saturday between 11am and 11pm

P.S Make a reservation on +27 (0) 21 422 4297 (especially if you plan on going in the evening)