Fitness Inspiration

Lately I have been semi “obsessed” over weight/body issues. This constant thinking has me finding various ways to remain super healthy and super fit.

Physically, there’s nothing wrong with my body and I am not image conscious. Starting a regular gym routine has got me asking myself various questions like what do I aim to achieve with exercising along with what my goals are. This got me thinking, and there is nothing better than looking at celebrity bodies and finding a body that looks as close to yours as possible.

My fitness inspiration is international recording artist, Ciara. Although her body is far more athletic than mine, she is tall, slender but with curves in the right places. Ciara exercises at least 6 times a week and also dances a lot as part of her regular rehearsal for preparation for her performances. My goal is to tone and define all parts of my body yet still keep my natural curves. This is something that Ciara has managed to achieve.

Who are your fitness inspirations?