Grant’s Whisky | Stand Together Campaign

taken at the Grant's whisky tasting  in Soweto during a flash mob

taken at the Grant’s whisky tasting in Soweto during a flash mob

About a month ago I got invited to attend a whisky tasting session, compliments of Grant’s Whisky in Soweto, sadly I had to turn down this offer as I am in Cape Town. The reasoning behind this invite was part of Grant’s latest brand repositioning and their Stand Together Campaign which pays homage to anyone who has achieved success and now shares this success with those around them. To commemorate this, Grant’s has commissioned a series of murals around key townships in Gauteng and Durban and it turns out that the first mural exhibited was only a few blocks away from home.

The idea behind the murals and chalkboards is to offer communities the opportunity to get together and share their stories of shared success. Grant’s Whisky was kind enough to send me images of their first mural exhibited in opposite 707 Panyaza in Soweto. The boards get documented weekly so that the communities share these messages via social media and then get cleaned to make space for new, fresh stories. I hope that I will be able to capture a few of their other murals when I get back home next week, it will be exciting to see what fresh art is displayed weekly.


I thought it would be appropriate to share this Grant’s Whisky campaign today, although it has been underway for some time now, as it is Youth Day in South Africa. June 16th commemorates the Soweto Uprising and celebrates the youth of ’76 who lost their lives during what was meant to be a peaceful protest against the education system in South Africa at the time.

This day is celebrated in order to recognise the role that the youth of the time played during the gruesome Apartheid regime. It is because of the Youth of ‘76 that young, gifted and black individuals like myself are able to share our talents, thoughts and knowledge freely across all platforms that have been made available to us.

Never Forget ’76.




Twiggy Moli

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