How To: Clean Your PUMA X Fenty Slides


We were all so excited to have these new fuzzy friends in our possession that we did not think about how we would keep them looking clean forever. If you have the PUMA X Fenty slides in white or pink, you might want to keep reading and follow the easy 5 steps below.

On a very exciting night, I found myself not thinking straight and walking through mud in my WHITE slides. Only once I had seen how brown and gross they looked did I accept that I would have to throw them away and pray that by some miracle PUMA would release a new batch. Luckily for me, 1. My mom is a super hero, 2. PUMA plans to release the faux fur slides again, (not sure when in SA though) anyways yay! I need them in pink!

Peep Mama Moli’s easy 5 steps on how to get your PUMA X Fenty slides looking bright and fuzzy again.

How To Clean Your Slides

1. 1st scrub the rubber with warm water, scrubbing-brush and Handy Andy then rinse.
2. Soak slides in hot water. Water should contain Handy Andy + Jik.
3. Soak upside down with faux fur immersed in water for half a day.
4. Rinse thoroughly with a lot of water then leave to dry.
5. Once dry brush with a nail brush or a fine comb and you should have clean fluffy slides.

Side note: depending on how dirty the slides were, they obviously won’t be as white as they were upon purchase.

Happy Scrubbing!








  1. August 12, 2017 / 11:07 am

    This post saved my life (and time). The steps are so easy and straightforward! 👌🏾

    Thank you. x