To Do | Maftown Heights 2013

The annual Hip Hop Event that spotlights South Africa’s Motswako heavy weights took over the Johannesburg CBD on the 29th of November 2013. This event was marked as the pre-concert to the Channel O Awards which took place the next day.

I initially had not planned to attend this event but I was fortunate enough to be blessed with free tickets from Yfm. Getting a hold of the Yfm representative who had my tickets took over 2 hours which I found very disrespectful (of my time) and very unprofessional. This was my first time attending this event so I had no idea what I had in store but I was excited to be attending an all African music concert.

Artists like Casper Nyovest, JR, Mafikizolo, AKA, Ice Prince, iFani and many many more performed a variety of their songs for the energetic crowds. The crowd sang along to most of the songs an were cheerful throughout the night but got irritable when Ice Prince hit the stage and started putting the spotlight on his entourage instead of performing his hits that the crowd knew.

It was just unfortunate that the event went on for so long on such a chilly Johannesburg night. I think such an event would have been better had it started earlier in the afternoon and ended before 10pm instead of 4am.

I had a problem with the fact that attendees had to first get stamps then line up for a second time to get into the actual venue. There after we had to queue for tokens which were to be used to purchase beverages. For such an event with such a large number of attendees, I believe that making people line up several times could have been avoided. This made people very irritable.

However, despite the chilly wind and queues, the performances where out of this world. It was really refreshing to attend an all African event. The evening was a success even with the few glitches.

I look forward to next year’s Maftown Height and can only hope that those few mistakes are rectified.