Miguel Day


3rd March 2013 marked #MiguelDay as all my friends and I excitedly tweeted about seeing Miguel live in concert that afternoon. I was lucky enough to have won tickets via Marie Claire (SA) magazine during the week so I was really looking forward to this amazing experience. I absolutely love attending concerts and catching international acts when they are in the country. I see it as one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that not everybody gets to enjoy.

As my boyfriend and I packed up our picnic goods, not only was I excited but I was also nervous for some reason. I had not mentally prepared myself for this concert so I did not really know what to expect. Cape Town was the last city that was due for Miguel and I was anxiously waiting for 11 am so that we could leave res and head out to the Ostrich Ranch Farm for a fabulous time under the sun. For about 2 hours my boyfriend and I got lost not knowing where on earth this venue was as we had both never been there before. Both Google and Nokia Maps failed us but luckily for us, one of our friends had already arrived so he directed us to the venue.

It was one of those really hot Cape Town afternoons and unfortunately for my friends and I we were not as fully equipped as the other concert goers who arrived with their cooler boxes and large picnic umbrellas. To my understanding, it was said that a cash bar would be available, this was not true. I was really was disappointed by most of the organisation of this concert but at this point, I did not care as I was going to see Miguel live! ­čśÇ

By 5pm the local acts, Zakes Bantwini and Donald hit the stage and performed their hit songs. By this time my friends and I just wanted to see Miguel already!! Luckily enough it did not take long for Miguel himself to hit the stage. All the girls went CRAZY at the first sight of the irresistible adonis that is Miguel. A young lady standing next to a friend of mine literally started crying real tears at the sight of him. Tears of love, joy, happiness.┬áMiguel hit the stage with his all male band and they totally gave off a nice vibe. The entire live band set up with men who were equally “swaggy” as Miguel himself was brilliant.

The VIP section, where people paid R700 for tickets, was rather empty so the security guards were given the go ahead to fill it up a bit. This did not sit well with me and those around my friends and I. We were in the General Access section (a ticket for this section was R300). A couple of people took it upon themselves to jump over the gate that was dividing the VIP section from the General Access section. Not everyone was willing to jump as that could mean getting caught so one of my fellow attendees decided to actually open up the gate and let us ALL into VIP. As soon as I saw this happening I ran! This was the most spontaneous and outrageous thing that has ever happened while being at a concert. I started getting nervous when I spotted the security guards running towards the mess that was the General Access attendees created while raging into VIP. A couple of my friends actually got stopped which was unfortunate as I thought they would not get the chance to see Miguel up close.

side note: Miguel is one of the most beautiful specimen on this planet. He is sex on legs and he knows it.

Miguel notices that the gap between the two sections is quite big so he says that he feels disconnected to those who are in General Access and asks for them to be moved closer. I really appreciate that he said this because it really shows his love for his work which is showing love and entertaining his fans. When it comes to concerts, I believe that everyone should be able to experience the talent on stage. The people who actually purchased the more expensive tickets did not look impressed but everyone else who eventually made it into VIP was over joyed.

Due to the fact that the concert started so late, Miguel was not able to perform all the songs that he wanted to. He performed all his smash hits as well as a few songs off his latest album, Kaleidoscope Dream. I could not have been any happier. As an artist Miguel makes sure that he makes eye contact with his fans, at a point I am pretty sure he was looking directly at me. His sex appeal is what makes his act that  much better. He works the stage well and has one the most wonderful voices in the music industry.

side note: he lifted his top quite often (yummy 6 pack) and he occasionally put his hands in his pants *dies*

By 7pm, production and his manager were asking him to finish up, but he really did not want to and we did not want him to leave either.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I know my friends did too. A few of them actually got to spend some time with him at the after party in Camps Bay at St Yves. I am still kicking myself for not joining them but happy nonetheless that they got to have that experience.

I would do anything to see Miguel again. Sigh.



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My outfit for the day


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Tops off for Miguel (Picture: TwiggyCam)


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Miguel & his live band <3 (Picture: TwiggyCam)


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