Miguel Monday | Carlos Santana ft. Miguel – Indy


For all of you who may have not known, I gave up Miguel for Lent (silly decision). That meant no talking or tweeting about him, no listening of his music, no watching any of his videos, no liking of his photos on IG or keeping myself with any daily news. I made extreme measures by muting him on Twitter, removing his gorgeous face from my cellphone wallpaper and also deleted all his music from my phone; I did not want any form of temptation at all! Nothing.

Anyways, 40 days and 40 nights later and I actually did it ! I will admit that I may have slipped up here and there and mentioned his name (only when telling people not to talk to me about him),  but I literally did not listen to any of his music for the entire duration of Lent and it was complete torture.

I only got the chance to listen to some of his newly released music last night. Miguel can honestly do no wrong lately, he has collaborated with the greatest artists like Mariah Carey, re-worked Elton John’s ‘Bennie & The Jets’ and now Carlos Santana ! Miguel lends his wonderful vocals to Carlos Santana’s newly released song that will feature on Santana’s upcoming album, Corazón, which comes out on May 6th.

What do you think?

(i love it, obvs.)

Happy Miguel Monday !