Day Four 

We kicked off day 4 at Jaci’s Sabi House. We woke up super early to catch the sunrise on another game drive, with the hopes of making another magical spotting. We spotted a heard of rhino, hyenas and a ton of beautiful birds. We stopped for a quick snack of Amarula spiked coffee, rhino shaped biscuits and some of Andrew’s special biltong that I had asked so nicely for again.  Once we got back to our safari house, we found Mama Dee and Mama Eu had started preparing the most amazing breakfast for us. I had a full farm-house breakfast and some freshly squeezed juice. Just the perfect ending to our wonderful stay. 


We packed up our First Car Rental Dukes and left with very heavy hearts after such an amazing experience. Our first stop for the day was the Matsamo Customs Homestead situated on the Swazi boarder. Here we were to learn more about the Swati Culture. We were taken through the homestead by our lovely host, Lindiwe, who talked us through some of the family dynamics, took us through the huts and customs. I was very shocked to see how tiny the huts looked from out but were actually very spacious when standing inside. We had the opportunity to meet the chief of the homestead before taking a seat to listen to a live performance by young men and women and wives who live there. Visitors will soon be allowed to sleep over and experience the true authentic Swati culture as they are currently in the process of building huts for travels who want to learn and experience more.

Before we left, there was a table set especially for us with warm steamed bread and coiled corn to take with us as padkos, so special. We indulged in the peanut & maize bread before making our way to our finally destination for the day. Special tours at Matsamo  also include traditional food cooking, weaving, cow milking, maize grinding, bead work, traditional floor polishing, drums making etc.

A 30 minute drive from the Swazi Boarder, we finally arrived at Casambo Exclusive Guest Lodge in White River were Carol, the owner, met us. We were all extremely tired but couldn’t resist a home cooked meal and a glass of wine before heading to bed. We all sat around the table reflecting on the amazing time we had all had on the road trip.

Day Five

We woke up at Casambo, and it genuinely felt like waking up in my bed at home. We all gathered on the lap and enjoyed a freshly brewed cup of coffee and warm break. We got to chat to Carol, her hilarious husband Mr S, who was not too shy to introduce me to his very handsome son!

We left the wonderful Casambo for the Sudwala Caves. These caves are the oldest caves in the world. We walked through few of the passages, it was a little scary having to crawl into darkness but the shapes, light and stories at the end of each of the narrow tunnels was mind-blowing.  There are 6km of explored passages in the Sudwala Caves and it’s always 17 degrees C inside, except up at The Devil’s Workshop where it’s 24. I entered the caves wearing my warm puffer jacket over a hoodie and felt like I was literally in hell once we reached the top. 

My favourite spotting while there were the rock formations of  Three Nuns Praying and Weeping Madonna. It is said that if you consume the water that’s dripping down the Weeping Madonna, you will be young forever. So I guess it is safe to say that I found the fountain of youth? Our tour guide told us to not drink that water for safety reasons though so I just washed my hands with it just incase the myth is true LOL! 

We stopped at the local shop on the properly to buy a few souvenir for friends and family and a slushie (my guilty pleasure) for the road.

Off we were, the ending of an amazing 5 day road trip. I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience and a better group to travel with. It is mind-blowing that just right around the corner from the comfort of our homes, lies so much culture and so many things to do! I can’t wait to explore the rest of South Africa. 

Where do you think I should go next?