New Look, New Feel

I attended a Media Masters class on campus (University of Cape Town) a few weeks ago where editor of Men’s Health, Jason Brown, was a guest lecturer. From the start I was merely going in to listen for a friend and potentially pick up a few tips for myself. Boy, did I learn a thing or two? Not only about getting into the magazine industry but the media industry as a whole. For me, I was listening out for ways in which I could improve my blog. I see blogging as a way for myself to practice how to researching new and interesting stories and trends during my own time and obviously improve my writing style while at it.

One thing that Jason kept repeating over and over again was that when you write, whether it be for your blog, magazine or radio show, you have to be telling a story. I realised that that’s what I had been doing the whole time, the only way in which to improve myself and my blog now was the angle that I take when telling these stories. No one wants to read about the same old stuff if they have seen it in other various blogs written in the same way.  I feel like there is no right or wrong way to blog, someone out there will love the way you write and share your interests. Its all about preferences (to me). So for now, I am just looking for ways to stand and also attract a different crowd of readers. People who share similar interests to my own. That shouldn’t be that hard, right?

With that I have decided to change the theme of my blog. I have made it a little less personal but stuck to a template that I feel shouts “Twiggy!” when you see it. Before I had a customized header with photographs of my favourite things. With time, and by following my blog you will get to know all of that anyways.

I am also changing the URL of my blog to just “Sleepless in Soweto” because that’s the one title that has sort of stuck with me over the years when I gained an interest in blogging. I was that bored teenager, who was back home in Soweto for the vacation with nothing to do and a mild case of insomnia. Guess those sleepless nights have finally been worth it.  I have become more inspired day by day to build myself as brand and I hope to one day call myself a blogger without feeling like I’m fronting.

Enjoy the new look, new feel and random ramblings.