Personal Photographer or Nah?

A couple of years ago I started a photoblog with Miguel’s personal photographer, Dustin Lewis, titled Before The Crash. This passion project came about after I spotted this beautiful man with his locks blowing in the wind taking, photos of the crowd during Miguel’s South Africa tour.

What intrigued me about Dustin was his rebellious yet sensitive nature. A great friendship bloomed from this partnership as he advised me on photography and how to go about capturing the best moments.

When I purchased my camera and actually started using it, I spent almost 90% of my time snapping my friends at parties and at random gatherings. Whether its them standing still deep in thought, laughing or dancing the night away, nothing makes me happier than being able to catch those beautiful moments. And since moving back to Joburg, I’ve spent less time doing that because I’ve spent less time with friends and more time at parties and music festivals.

While waiting for the love of my life, Pharrell Williams, to jump on stage when he here for #PharrellWithWoolies, I noticed his guitarist’s silhouette in the blue light as he stood there tuning his instrument. This struck a cord with me about something I had been doing already; at most shows that I attend. I’m always drawn to taking snaps of my favourite artists while they’re performing. This past weekend was no different. I was at a Taboo for a private party, #ViewsOfTheNorth, with my BoyznBucks friends. Once we arrived, a young lady I know who was also attending asked me if I was there to “shoot the boys”, I didn’t know whether to be offended or not. I know I looked too cute to be playing photographer for the day while my mates had fun, but in her defense I had the Twiggy Cam in hand.

With events like this popping up on the regular, I’m starting to think that I should actually take all these comments seriously. So I guess this is my way of declaring to the universe that I want to take all my Twiggy Cam mission seriously. And yes, this is an unofficial proposal hoping that my favourite people will see this too. I definitely need a lot of practice but I am excited to see what may come from reviving my old hobby

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Twiggy Moli