Pop Bottles: Cape Town Edition


A few weeks ago one of the most anticipated events took place in Cape Town – Pop Bottles.

Pop Bottles can be described as one of the most popular events among the urban youth of South Africa that takes place about twice a year in all major cities. Everyone comes together at the designated venue dressed to the nines, ready to spend lots of cash on expensive bottles of alcohol – It is called Pop Bottles after all, so why else attend if you aren’t going to be buying the most expensive bottles for yourself and the random honeys who are all of a sudden your closest friends?

Ladies take weeks arranging the best outfits for this particular event while the gents ensure that they save up enough money to spend on bottles of champagne and vodka which cost from 2k+.

This year I went with a bunch of my closest friends and the hype around the event lived up to our expectations. We arrived looking smashing as always  but we made the rookie error of getting there too early. This wasn’t a problem as there was a large group of us so we took the quiet time to take lots of great photos and get buzzed while things picked up.

Sooner than expected the venue (The Clock Tower @ The V&A) was packed with super hyped attendees all dressed in the most colourful and interesting gear and the drinks were flowing. The event started at around 2pm and ended at 10pm which is enough time for people to take great photos to be instagramed the next day, dance like they were from the township of Soweto and of course start a few fist fights.

All in all a great day/night, definitely something to do just before getting serious into exam prep.

Will I be attending again next year?