It always comes as huge surprise as to how major the Durban July weekend is to South Africans. Socialites, media personalities, entrepreneurs, designers, local brands, photographers, artists and the every day citizen from near and far flock to Durban for the glorious weekend of the races.

So many other little things happen apart from the July handicap which is the largest of its kind in Africa that sees South Africans pull out all the stops. From the cars they drive around the city, the luxurious villas they book for the weekend and of course the outfits for the races. You find that many who do plan trips to Durban, happen to be looking forward to the parties and concerts more than the actual races. Being one of those people, I decided to put together an itinerary for myself and see what Durban has to offer during this festive time.

This was my 3rd time being in Durban during this busy weekend so I was a bit more aware of what to expect from the entire experience. There is a lot of partying, very little sleep and of almost no accommodation in Durban, I’ll write a more detailed post on this at a later stage. Being the little fashion fiend that I am, my main focus of the weekend was putting together looks for each day. I collaborated with SPREE and planned an itinerary of the weekend which included a concert, the races, an after party and a lunch date. With the help of Carla from SPREE we put together 4 outfits that you can shop directly off the online shop rrright now! See my four looks of the weekend below.


Mabala Noise hosted a Pre-Durban July concert at Greyville, with a jam-packed line-up of local and international artists. This line-up included my favs, Riky Rick, AKA, French Montana and Robin Thicke. Due to this event being held at the same venue where the races were to take place the following day, the event was to end earlier than expected so a huge chunk of the line up was cut. Very disappointing. Anyways I looked cute, my aim for this outfit was to obviously look sexy but also be comfortable too as I would be on my feet for a long time.

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Puffer Jacket
Velvet Bodysuit
Botton Front Skinny Jeans 
High Top Sneakers
Hexagon Hoop Earrings
This year’s theme was the ‘The Colour of Magic’. How Carla and I interpreted this theme was basically the celebration of the magic that is Durban July. From the colours, the designers, the conceptual artistry and the magic of “Africa’s Greatest Horseracing Event”. We went for David Tlale’s ‘Spectacular Dress’ that encapsulated just that. Magic. From its structure, fit and muted colour, my choice of dress was very unique and special compared to the very interesting array of dresses seen at the racetrack.  
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Twisted Earrings
(the dress is sold out but the David collection is pretty amazing)
T-bar Heels
Most of people get all their partying needs at the races with the bottomless drinks, food and local artist line up, however, if you’re like me and groove runs through your bones there are several after parties to choose from once the races are over. Taboo Nightclub, that I frequent in Johannesburg, had a pop-up every night at 47 Night Club to give the Durbanites a taste of the Jozi nightlife. I dressed all the way up for this one but kept the colour scheme very aligned to my usual night out look – all black.
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Wool Lined Coat
One shoulder Velvet Dress
Sock boots
Clutch Bag
Silver Hoops
Sunday was probably the most relaxed day of the lot. Bash, the gorgeous man behind all my photos from this weekend, and I decided to check out a new place that our mutual friend had suggested we try out. Right on the beach front, we found Afro’s Chicken. For the first time I actually got to dress down and let my hair down (LOL). I opted for a relaxed lunch time look with a brown coat and velvet quilted bag for added sophistication. Paired with a pair of flats, I was good to go. After lunch I slipped off my coat and shoes for a quick stroll on the beach. My navy stripped shirt was actually perfected for this whole scenario!
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Brown Coat
Long Sleeve Shirt
Skinny Jeans
Quilted cross body bag
Mesh Hoop Earrings
I had quite an incredible time in Durban and definitely can’t wait to do it again next year. Which one of my looks was your  absolute fav? Leave your comments below! Also, go shop before everything sells out!
Photography: Bash Jameson
Styling: Carla Vermaak