thank you, next.

It’s around 2am after the long anticipated Global Citizen Festival and I am standing on the pavement on Nasrec Road waiting for my ride. I am cold, exhausted and scared. I have seen several people get mugged right before my eyes and I just want to go home. A young lady comes up to me super excited, with lots of energy; you would swear that we’re not in the same world in that very moment. She’s recognised me, Twiggy – the blogger, and she wants a selfie. I look horrible and I’m tired but I can’t disappoint her so I pose for the quick photo. She then proceeds to ask me when I am going to update my blog, shit, my readers have started to notice my disappearance. I begin to tell her that social media and vlogging have kinda been my main focus for the past few months but promise to update the blog as soon as I can.. so here I am.

Hello. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I nearly passed out when I noticed that I hadn’t updated my blog since August. It can’t possibly have been that long, but it has. Forgive me? I didn’t intentionally stop writing, I just finally got into the flow of filming content for my YouTube channel, subscribe this very minute if you haven’t already, and didn’t really have anything to say on here. You will notice that I am more active on here when I’m travelling and I haven’t been on a trip since August hence the silence.

I started writing this blog post on December 6, 2018 at 18:27. It’s now February 12th 2019, the day after my mom’s birthday and I’m up motivated to finish it. We’re both miserable in bed with tummy aches because we over indulged in the birthday feast last night – it was totally worth it.

I initially wanted to come back here to updated you, my reader, about everything that I have been up to and all of my future plans but now that I am here.. I’m lazy and I’m hoping that you have at least been following my adventurous life on social media.

If there really is anything worth saying, it is that I really do want to get back to writing more – about everything. Thoughts, random ramblings, campaigns that I’m a part of, exciting shoots, travels, new restaurants.. that sort of thing. Really going back to the essence of my blog but I can’t make any promises.

Just a quick reflection – It’s only been a month and a half into 2019 but I have already seem to have forgotten half of what happened in 2018 but I know it was amazing. I’m literally grateful for all the amazing opportunities that 2018 brought me, all the amazing people who I met. I got to travel the world with the love of my life, take part in some amazing brand work and also went back to school. Yes, I did a short course in tv presenting with the hopes of taking a different path in my profession this year. It’s February and I’m still an online content person – lol I thought I would be booming on MTV by now but apparently these things take time. I guess for now I will be taking part in more brand campaigns, filming more vlogs which give you a snippet of my wild life and napping in between.

I hope 2019 is as amazing as we all hope it to be.

Please come back? I promise to write more often x


Make-Up: Caroline Greeff

Photography: Bash Jameson



  1. Simpz
    February 12, 2019 / 7:51 am

    As I start dancing… Welcome home 🙂