The Road to Ghana & A Lesson in Adulting

Our trip to Ghana was one of the most unexpected adventures. But, let’s backtrack to the week leading up to the trip. If there was ever a time in my life that I felt I was the most unlucky, this was surely it. Who gets a bank card stolen TWICE in a space of two weeks? Did I mention that the second time was the afternoon we were due to leave?

Delirious episodes of laughing and crying became an hourly thing until I met Twiggy at the airport. To be quite honest, that isn’t the most random act of crime but I’d definitely say your creativity is on a hundred if you think to steal a ton of Nutella. King Price put together a list of the most random stolen items which definitely put my mind at ease considering I got off so easy.

Thankfully items like that are replaceable, but for the bigger and more obvious stuff, King Price definitely has your back. Because let’s be honest, if you want to adult properly – you need insurance that you can rely on. Also affordability for the win because there are other things your money seems to sway towards when you’re still trying to find your feet.

Day 1 of our adventure in Ghana will be up soon so keep your eyes on the blog.