To Do | Cointreau Fizz Cocktails

Cointreau is the world’s first orange liqueur triple sec, and the heart of many well-known classic cocktails. Often used as the base of the most loved cocktails. Made from 100% natural ingredients, with a touch of fruity notes creating the zesty balance between sweet and bitter. Cointreau is a cocktail elevator and the perfect based spirit for any cocktail.

With the recent heat wave that has just hit Johannesburg, what better way to cool off than to indulge in a few refreshing cocktails with your girlfriends? I was invited by the Cointreau ambassador, Lungi, for a quick cocktail making session at Nex Dor on the famous Vilakazi Street here in Soweto.

We made the Classic Cointreau Fizz as well as Strawberry and Mint Fizz, two cocktails created for any occasion. They were very easy to make and tasted delicious. What I love about them was that they were not too strong at all and can be enjoyed throughout the day (or not)N without one feeling like they’re about to fall over.

Here’s what you need to make your Classic Cointreau Fizz at home:

50ml COINTREAU (two tots)
½ Fresh Lime or Lemon (Juice)
100ml Soda Water

I really love pineapple for the Summer so I am thinking of creating my own Cointreau Pineapple Fizz cocktail. What do yo guys think? Which ingredients would you add to your signature Cointreau cocktail?


Twiggy Moli