30 Day Squat Challenge

In a past post I mentioned that I would be starting to work on toning my body and getting bikini ready for the Summer. Yesterday my mother and I signed up for gym memberships at a Virgin Active in our area. I am very excited to get fit as well as help my mom lose a bit of weight.

I found a very helpful template posted by Khloe Kardashian on instagram not so long ago called “30 Day Squat Challenge” that she has been following. Khloe has been working very hard on her fitness lately and the results are quite evident.

Along with my regular gym program that has been presented to me by my gym instructor at Virgin Active, I plan on following the “30 Day Squat Challenge”.

If you would also like to have a firm and toned butt, I would advice you to do the same. Get your friends to join you and make it a fun activity to do together while shaping up!




Happy Training!