Levi’s® 501® Skinny

Out of all the Levi’s denim that I own, the 501®CT is definitely my favourite item. The 501®CT’s are super comfortable and look great dressed up or down. They give my everyday look a break from the typical skinny jeans attire. Now when I was told that a combination of my everyday go to jeans and skinnys were in the making, I definitely had to rush off to store, try on a pair and see if they come even close to my fav pair.

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Soweto Lifestyle & Wine Festival


A wine festival in the hood, “who would have thought?”, was what I thought last year when I was approached to attend my first Soweto Wine Festival. I had been to couple of festivals in the Northern Suburbs, Cape Town and Stellenbosch but never one almost up the road from my house.  I attended my first wine festival with my best drinking buddies, my cousins who also happen to be my best friends, and low-key wine lovers themselves, even though they have a horrible tendency of drinking their red wine chilled *cringe* .

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Strongbow | #NatureRemix


Strongbow recently collaborated on the paper butterfly experience with South African origami artist Ross Symons, better known on Instagram as @white_onrice. Each butterfly was made from organic, bio-degradable paper embedded with seeds that will in turn bring more natural beauty to the city. This insured that any stray butterfly that fell into the city would bring new life, rather than create waste.

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Where I Enjoy Mine | #DebonairsPizza600


Festive season is here and I can’t think of a better way to start off then holidays than with some incredible food deals. This holiday I plan to sit back, relax, drink, sleep and EAT as much as possible. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that #twiggyisafattie indeed. there’s nothing I would rather do, than spend my sweet, sunny holidays eating and napping.

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