New Res, New Life(style)

I am a 3rd year student at the University of Cape Town (UCT) this year. Because I am now a senior I have decided to move into a self-catering res to eat better food cooked by moi, start taking on more responsibilities and also move away from the hustle and bustle of Lower Campus.This year I have taken it upon myself to start living differently. By this I purely mean learning to save money, eating healthier, exercising more… that sort of stuff.

I will be:

– cooking healthier meals for myself that I could only dream of getting at my previous res (less carbs!)

– attending the gym religiously

– saving any extra money just to get into the habit of not using up every cent and being left dead broke come end of the month.

First of all it does not help that KFC and Mc Donald’s are literally across the road from my self-catering res. The temptation to skip cooking a tasty, healthy meal and quickly running towards Mc Ds is a continued struggle I am yet to overcome and I have only been officially living here for less than 2 weeks. bleh.

The purpose of this post was to actually just to give tips to whoever might be moving into their own place and does not know where to start in terms of buying grocery and such. The first time I did my grocery shopping, reality hit when I realised that all essentials are quite expensive. Once you actually live on your own, you are starting from scratch and not just adding on to what is already is there like at home.

Below is a lost of essentials that one may need in their kitchen when moving into a new place:


Tin food

Breakfast foods

Fish(Pilchards and Tuna) Oats
Curry fish Weetbix
Corned meat Poast Toasties
Meatballs Milk Powder
Mixed vegetables Long life milk
Peas Mealie-meal
Spaghetti in tomato sauce

Sandwich spreads

Tomato and Onion mix Jam
Canned fruit Margarine
Soup Peanut Butter
Baked beans Bovril, Oxo, Marmite
Golden syrup

Pastas and Soup

Cleaning materials

Spaghetti 1kg Washing Powder
Macaroni 750ml Sunlight Liquid
Soya mince 750ml Handy Andy
Soup Jik
Dry beans, peas, barley Sponge Scourers
2-minute noodles Dishcloths
Vitamince/Imana, Knorrox Sunlight soap



Soap 1kg/ 2.5 kg Sugar
Toiletpaper Rice, Samp and Cornflour
Toothpaste and toothbrush Sunflower oil
Face cloths Salt
Deodorant(gents and ladies) Vinegar
Shampoo and conditioner Custard powder
Hand and body lotion Baking soda
Shaving cream and blades 500g coffee
Condensed milk


Tea (Ceylon and rooibos)
Cool drink concentrate Jelly
Biscuits Electric bulbs


Hope this helps anyone that may need a sense of direction as to where to start.

Good luck!


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