Rihanna: Diamonds World Tour

After waking up at around 5am to purchase Rihanna tickets months ago, it was finally #RihannaDay in Cape Town on the 16th October! I couldn’t have been more excited, my sisters were in town for the show and a bunch of my friends were attending with me. My friends and I made a plan of arriving at the Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town well ahead of time so that we could find the perfect spot to see the beautiful island babe once she hit the stage.

Miami based electro DJ duo, GTA, played some groovy tunes for about an hour an half to prepare us for BadGalRiri and finally she hit the stage. I will never forget how I felt when the lights hit her yellow things, it seemed like everything around me froze for a second. She was the most beautiful human being I had ever laid my eyes on. Rihanna is probably the coolest person on earth she got on stage to the song ‘Fresh off the Runway’ and rocked the fuck out of the song without even trying. Everyone around me went crazy and you could just see Rihanna taking it all in, every minute of it. It was very clear once she had her sunnies off that she was amazed at the turn out, would be reaching if I said that even with all the fame that she has gained over the past few years, Rihanna is still very humble?

I had always known that Rihanna is beautiful but only after laying my naked eyes on her precious face, super toned body and cat eyes did I realise just how gorgeous she was. She literally looks like she was dipped into a bath of caramel, almond milk and honey.TV, music videos and all the photos on the internet don’t do her beauty any justice. this girl is B E A U T I F U L !!

Rihanna performed all of her singles and a few ballads off her albums. The feedback from her previous show in Jo’burg was not great at all as people were complaining about how Rihanna barely sang, didn’t interact with the audience and was fully covered (face included due to visor) – this was not the case in Cape Town. Rihanna came fully prepared, she hit all her high notes, clocked all the dance moves to every song and worked the stage well. Everyone at the stadium got their share of some Rihanna love throughout the show.

I was very impressed with her entire performance, she had dancers, a band and there was FIRE – on stage and Rihanna herself, what a flame!! It is known to everyone that Rihanna is not the strongest artist vocally but she definitely kept the haters quiet, her live singing has seriously improved over the years. She interacted with the audience by encouraging us to sing along, she herself sang and showed off her sultry reggae and twerking dance moves. BadGalRiri definitely proved to everyone why she is the ULTIMATE BAD BITCH. There is honestly no one like her and I will admit that I am a bigger fan of her now that I have seen her on stage – close to stan level LOL.

I hope I get to see her again 🙂






Photo cred: Riri’s instagram account!