26.03 | AirMax Day



I don’t recall owning a pair of fashionable sneakers ever in my life because I’ve have toothpicks for legs and always thought that sneakers would look too bulky and funny on my skinny little legs. Trainers were always a big part of my life as I played sports throughout my schooling career so Nike is not a foreign brand to me. Anyways, nowadays you’re a “lame” if you don’t own a pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars, Jordons or Nike AirMax’s.

Today marks the day that the first AirMax was released 27 years ago, 26.03.1987. To celebrate this special day, Nike declared today as ‘AirMax Day’ where all AirMax owners (around the world) could collectively show off their sneakers by wearing them on this special day. Many have posted beautiful images of their treasured sneakers on Twitter and Instagram.

Here are a few of my favourites (if I were to ever let go of my insecurities and purchase a pair)









Happy Air Max Day, Sneaker Heads!

maybe next year I’ll be cool enough to rock a pair 😉