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Sedi and I were sent the cutest care package for our natural hair some weeks ago that consisted of a co-wash and kinky coil deep conditioner from The Perfect Hair. I was exposed to this product after meeting founder, Taryn Gill at the Soweto Wine Festival last year so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her product.

Lots of research took place when putting together the ultimate natural hair products for the everyday South African woman. Together with a trichologists (someone who studies the science of hair), Taryn and her team identified 9 different hair textures locally and found the perfect essential oils and methods needed to create the perfect product for the perfect hair. What I appreciate about Taryn and her team is that they have conversations with their customers first to find out what their hair regimes are; what products are they already using, what problems they face with keeping their hair moisturised and styled before suggesting which one of their product they should purchase.
After assessing our hair after visiting The Perfect Hair stall, Taryn knew exactly which products my sister and I needed to get started, The Perfect CoWash and The Perfect Kinky Coil. The Perfect Kinky Coil range is specially designed for Nguni-type hair which has tight coils and is prone to be drier and more brittle than the usual natural hair texture. The deep conditioner in the range has essentials oils that include coconut, grape seed and castor oil to maximise moisture to reach the hair shaft, through the tight coils.
What enjoy about The Perfect Kinky Coil deep conditioner is that I can have a perfect wash & go on most days of the week. I simply dampen my hair whilst taking a shower, then use about a coin size of the product and run it through my TWA (teeny weeny afro). The product defines my coils, I brush my sides and I am literally ready to face a day.
I use the Co Wash about once a week because I’ve noticed that the weekly product build up leaves my hair very dry. After the co-wash – short for “conditioning wash”, washing y0ur hair with conditioner instead of shampoo – I apply a ORM hair growth moisturiser mixed with some castor oil, run it through my hair and scalp, finger comb my hair then apply a bit more castor oil on it on to my edges.
I love that I can literally get myself looking cute in a matter of minutes on the daily. There is still a lot of understanding that I need to do of my natural hair but trying and testing new products always works. Not every natural hair product will work well on your hair so find something that suits your hair type, stick to it and keep experimenting with natural oils by mixing them into your every day products.
P.S It’s always important to remember to NOT dry your hair with a towel, it’s better to use an old t-shirt and also, sleep with a silk scarf or silk bonnet to protect the hair shaft during slumber.
Packaged beautifully in recyclable glass jars, this premium range of locally produced natural hair products consist of the following:

The Perfect Wave – a lightweight gel for wave control.
The Perfect Curl – a deep deep-conditioner and style/define cream to soften while holding curls.
The Perfect Kinkycoil – a deep deep-conditioner and style/define cream to infuse maximum moisture to help with softness, shine and to prevent shrinkage.
The Perfect Cowash – a creamy conditioning cleanser

You can purchase any of these products at Work Shop New Town or online – The Perfect Hair.


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