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Following the great reception that I received from my very personal and emotional post. I thought I would continue with the trend and reflect further on a few things that I have been struggling with, things that I would like to change like my weight.

I can picture all of you sighing as you read the last line but in all fairness, my recent weight gain has contributed to my lack of self-confidence over the past few dark months that I speak about on the Lemon Meringue blog post: read it here.

Moving back home meant a huge lifestyle change, no pretty scenery to motivate me to go for that evening jog, no student budget which meant eating as very little as possible and no pretty beaches to motivate me to look fabulous in a bikini. So remaining as slender as everyone who has known me to look has been quite a challenge. It is common knowledge that I am not one to shy away from food and with the specific lifestyle that I placed myself in the minute I arrived in Joburg, 31 October 2014 to be exact, eating and living clean was a myth.

My cousins always tease me about how my December 2014 started the minute I landed and hasn’t stopped since and as hilarious and true that has been, it is to no surprised that I have gained so much weight.
The crazy sleeping patterns, lack of sleep, consumption of ciders during the day and lots of champagne at night followed by binge eating of Andiccio pizza or Mc Donald’s nuggets and fries after the craziest nights was quickly becoming a norm. That’s where the weight gain comes from, I am convinced. Besides the fact that I really just nap about 3 times a day everyday and do no exercise.

I first noticed when I did the shoot for the Nubian Collection look post when I struggled to get into the clothes sent to me. It’s hard for people to understand why I say I have gained weight because I look skinny. My arms literally look like twigs and my legs are long so they give off the perception of being slender but when one struggles to fit into their everyday clothes and the dimples on their thighs start resembling cottage cheese, that’s when you know that you have a serious problem on your hands. Looking great when you’re fully clothes in high-waisted skinny jeans and a skin-tight cami can be very deceiving but what do you really look like in a bikini? Or cute denim shorts? That’s when you start noticing that work needs to be done.

i would really live in my joni’s if I could but in all honesty, with the crazy heat weaves that hit us ever other week, I really just want to run around in shirt dresses, cute mini skirts, crop tops and booty shorts like every other fitness bunny. So here I am trying to get back to my original weight, one 3km jog at a time. Mama Moli has also joined the team by offering to cook carb and sugar-free meals for me as long as I put in the effort of exercising everyday and remaining disciplined when out with friends.

I really think it just takes changing one’s state of mind and not seeing eating healthier or exercising as punishment. It’s really about adapting to a new way of living. I still love drinking alcohol and eating fast food but when I do go out, it’s always better to order lean steak with a salad over a pasta and perhaps waking up early every morning to get a few squats in – these can be done at the club too and the champagne can be replaced with a can of Red Bull. LOL!

Our bodies are all different, some of us need more discipline and extra work than others. Find out what works for you, what changes you can make to make yourself feel and look better and take it from there.

Always keep in mind that it’s not punishment, cheat days are a real thing. ?


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  1. March 16, 2016 / 12:42 pm

    I totally get the skinny fat thing. Sometimes people’s perception of you as a skinny person can actually interfere with fitness goals. It’s about getting fit and feeling good about yourself 🙂

  2. Mpume
    March 24, 2016 / 7:04 am

    First time visit to your blog! It’s great and inspiring,well done keep it up!