Gossip Girl | The End :(

Gossip Girl cast at Rolling Stone shoot

Gossip Girl cast at Rolling Stone shoot

Gossip Girl was one of the first television drama series that ever caught my heart and attention. Before Gossip Girl came around I was never one of those teens who followed a specific televisions series. With Gossip Girl I felt like I was taken into a whole new world where rich teenagers around my own age were facing scandals and lustful relations that I could only dream of.

I enjoyed watching Gossip Girl from the first season all the way through the very end even though at times I felt like I was just watching for the sake of watching as it lost its ability to shock me as a viewer.

When it came to this final season, I delayed watching it for some time ’cause I really did not want it to end. As I watched each episode, I got to about episode 7 and it hit me, this would be the last time seeing the up and down love affair of Chuck & Blair, it would be the last time seeing all the jaw dropping fashion seen on all of the characters. The final episode really did pull on my heart strings when the past characters were shown as each one discovered who Gossip Girl really was. I couldn’t help but get emotional when I watched Chuck & Blair finally get married, it made me happy to see that with all that they had been through, they finally got to be together. I feel like I watched their relationship grow from when they were still “young”. I witnessed  the series itself develop into something beautiful and I too along with the characters tried to figure out who Gossip Girl actually was.

I feel like the ending was a bit too rushed but nonetheless as a loving Gossip Girl fan, am truly sad that it has come to end. I will miss Chuck Bass’s famous one liners, Serena’s scandalous life, Blair’s scheming and the fashion & the lifestyle.

Farewell and Good luck to all the contributors and Actors of this brilliant television series!



Twiggy Moli