I have started quite a few blogs in my lifetime and I cannot seem to manage to stick to one or let it develop into something special. I think my problem is that, with time, I get bored or I am left with nothing much to say which leads to the neglect of each blog I create.

I will not say that this is my last and final blog as I have said on my previous blog but I will say this – I am going to try keep this baby up and running.. Well try 😉

This is not a fashion blog but rather a lifestyle and culture blog with a tinge of fashion. Here I will MY share lifestyle, what I’ve been up to, places I’ve recently visited and if I ever come across anything quirky and fascinating. I will be showcasing my amateur photography and writing skills. Let’s just say that this space will help me practice and refine my skills for whichever career I may choose to follow in the near future. So please do bear with me, there will be spelling and grammatical errors and some not so amazing photos but I will try my best to be brilliant.

I do hope that you (if there is anyone out there) enjoy this blog and that one day it will become something that I myself can be proud of.

Twiggy Moli