If there’s one thing I can say I was prepared for during my recent trip to Mauritius,  it was my skin care routine. As of late, I have been focusing a lot on getting a clear, bright, golden skin. To protect that beautiful skin that I have been taking care of meant including a great sunscreen and body firming creams seeing that I would be spending most of my time in a bikini, in the sun.

The weather in the Mauriitus is very humid (similar to Durban) and gets realllly hot. The heat and humidity can be really overwhelming so you’re prone to wear less and forget to protect your skin in the process, never make that mistake! For both face and body, I depended on a range of Clarins products to help ensure 100% protection and flawless skin everyday.


As hot and humid as it was, I still wore make-up each day. I doubt that many people would choose to do this especially because being on an island is about minimal clothing and make-up but I still wanted to look cute in all of my images for the gram. Literally every second in Mauritius was a photo op. To prep and protect my skin I used the Clarins UV Plus UV + SPF50 Neutrals  after my applying my everyday moisturiser. This multi-protection face cream protects your skin not only from UV rays but also pollution. What I loved about it the most is that its very lightweight and super transparent unlike your normal sunscreen that leave a grey film on the skin.

As a primer, I used the Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base  this lightweight base can be used on its own or underneath your foundation to illuminate your skin. This light weight wonder us available in three shades according to your skin’s needs; rose (brightens all complexions), champagne (corrects redness) and peach (restores lustre to medium and matte skin) – leaving a veil of light radiance that evens skin tone, boosts luminosity and restores skin’s vitality.

Because we had to be up super early each day and only went to bed quite late, I needed a really good concealer for dark circles and puffy eyes. I used the Clarins Instant Concealer, which is a hydrating corrector which was perfect for my tired skin. After applying my make up, I used the Clarins Fix’ Make Up mist to help set the make -up. Throughout the day I would also spritz my face to refresh my make-up, the spray smells  absolutely amazing, the grapefruit extracts and rose-water scents are everything, this was perfect for super hot days spent out all day in the sun.


As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I have gained a lot of weight and with the weight gain comes unwanted stretch marks and lots and LOTS of cellulite. This was a very last-minute trip so the two weeks I had spent in the gym was definitely not enough, I would have to be bikini ready whether I liked it or not. To make myself feel a little better, I used the Clarins Body Fit cream every morning after taking a hot shower. Although it only takes 4 weeks to actually start seeing results, the instant cooling and burning feeling after massaging this cellulite control really showed me that it was working on hydrating and firming my skin almost instantly. The Body Fit not only targets cellulite but also instantly lifts, shapes and contours the body. I used it on my inner and outer thighs, butt, stomach and arms.

The second step to my moisturising routine is applying the Clarins Stretch Mark Minimiser. Fortunately I get stretch marks literally only on butt cheeks so I applied and massaged a generous amount on my bum. This cream has ingredients that boost the skin’s elasticity that helps the resistance of stretch marks in the future that are caused by pregnancy, weight gain or puberty and also helps to minimise visible stretch marks. This is a very important step in one’s skin care routine whether you suffer from stretch marks or not. As they say, “Prevention is always better than cure!”, especially when it comes to stretch marks because they can be very stubborn and hard to get rid of once they’re there.

I finished off my daily moisturising routine by apply the Clarins Sun Care Cream Moderate Protection on the area that would be the most exposed to the sun. I would definitely advice mixing this sunscreen with your everyday moisturiser or a tinted moisturiser so that it doesn’t leave your skin with that  blue/greyish colour after application.

What I love about the majority of the Clarins skincare products is that they leave skin looking and feeling clearer, tighter and smoother after application. I am going to continue using all of the products seeing that Summer is here and my skin needs all the protection it can get but also, I have incorporated training 3 times a week. I am hoping a combination of my new lifestyle and these products will give me very please results.




  1. Nokwanda
    December 1, 2017 / 10:49 pm

    Love how detailed your blog post is, glad I stumbled across your blog