Test Shoot Day

I had my first formal test photo shoot yesterday for the agency I have recently signed up with, TopCo Model Agency here in Cape Town.

I really did not know what to expect so I felt very nervous. The first time I had a photo shoot it was quite informal and I was not working with a professional photographer. The young lady I was working with was very young but still very talented. This time around I was working with Chantel McMillan who is a photographer by profession and these photographs are going to be used for my Z-Card so that I can finally start booking jobs! YAY!

I had three different looks and we went to three different locations. I look quite different in each look and what stood out the most for me was my hair. The day before the shoot I took out my braids and got my hair washed and blown out. I do not think that was such a smart idea as my hair looked really big and fluffy the day of the shoot.

The exciting part of it all was being all dolled up and having fun with the photographer and the camera. As of late, I have been playing photographer with my friends and family so being in front of the lense this time around was different but really exciting.

I cannot wait to see the final product and I cannot wait for my career to lift off.

Wish me luck,





Big Fro.


Long lashes


last look. last location