We stumbled upon this video about street art in Cape Town. Here’s a bit of background from the awesome guy who put it together:

I had these two friends in high school that I used to skate with. One day we got out a video-camera and started fooling around and filming stuff. We grabbed some spray-paint and some box-cutters and went to town; spraying stencils and slicing out the grip-tape on our boards. I think it was the very next day I realised I was pretty awful at any form of graffiti.

I still loved how it looked and its ambiguity though; for me it held a dual purpose – the beauty of art combined with a child-like rebellion you felt when armed with a box of crayons and a lounge wall. When I was in university my brother’s friend lent me her copy of Banksy’s Wall and Piece. I loved that book; especially the page with the monkey who escaped through the ceiling vent and the adjacent text that stated: ‘A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to’. What a genius.

Add street art. Add inspiration. And add the opportunity to explore any subject over the course of a year for an Honours thesis. What you get is a short video-essay detailing my journey. I hope it teaches you a bit about this little interest of mine; and what lies out there that’s More to the Mural.

JP Garbaccio