5 Day Detox with Nirmala Juice

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I first came across Nirmala Juice on twitter when one of my mates tweeted that his juice delivery had arrived. Juicing and juice detoxes aren’t a new concept but they have definitely not been something of interest to me. until my mom made me realise that my eating habits along with my hectic lifestyle was getting the better of me. That’s when I knew I had to make some sort of change, or at least try.


Generally my weekends consist of being in the nightclub till about 4am; drinking a lot of champagne or vodka and then stopping at a Mc Donald’s on my way home. This routine was starting to show internally and externally. I was always tired, I was starting to pick up noticeable weight and my skin wasn’t as bright and clear as it ought to be. My plan was to do the juice cleanse, then once I concur my 5 days, I would immediately slip into a healthy eating regime with a combination of exercise. Funny enough 3 days into the cleanse, my regular junk food cravings had vanished. All I could think of was a fresh leafy salad and a juicy piece of steak, or grilled calamari – wholesome food. My cravings usually consist of a cheesy pasta, or a burger or cake, but not this time around.. was the cleanse already working?

Before I dig into my overall experience, I just want to share a little info on Nirmala Juice. This Pretoria based business began from passion and the love of healthy living – this can be seen from the very minute I began communication with Mo from Nirmala.

”Once we started to see the incredible benefits of daily juicing and smoothie drinking along with an all-natural skin regime, we wanted to share it with our friends, family, and ultimately, you. Our top priority is the well-being of our customers, our team and our community. We minimize our carbon footprint by recycling, reusing, and composting virtually all of our kitchen waste. We also believe that giving back is important.”

Explaining to people what a juice detox is was probably harder than the cleanse itself simply because everyone thought I was starving myself or I was trying to lose weight quick *yawn*.  Anyways a brief run down on what a juice detox is: A Juice Cleanse is a short program that consists of cutting down your food intake while increasing vitals enzymes and vitamins. This gives the body time and nutritional support it requires to carry out deeper detoxification and healing than it can on a daily basis. So the body sheds excess, creating energy as it restores clarity and radiance. Detoxification is basically the natural process of releasing waste products from breathing and eating in addition to the man-made toxins we inhale, absorb and consume. When the products build up faster than they are released our bodily system begins to slow and struggle. That is why juice cleanses are so beneficial to our wellbeing.

The entire process of ordering the juices was super easy. I notified the wonderful ladies at Nirmala Juice about what I wanted and they out together a detox package that was delivered straight to my door. The package included 6 juices to drink everyday  for 5 days and a few extra for after the cleanse, detox teas as well as energy shots that I could take the first thing in the morning on days when I knew I would super busy.

I was super excited to get started because I LOVE drinking fresh, fruit juice anyways. I thought it would be easy enough especially with the benefits and final results in mind. Three days into the detox and I honestly felt like killing someone.  I was super grumpy and just sad – I really missed food. I was full but my tummy had that empty feeling that only food to fill. I would suggest that anyone keen to get involved in such a detox take the whole 5 days off work, school and life haha or at least try to take it easy. You need to give yourself those 5 days to really make sure you drink your juices on time, get enough water, detox teas and rest in between. Having to work and interact with people on an “empty” stomach isn’t the best. The lack of food did make for a grumpy Twigs. I cannot tell you how many times I snapped at my mom but funny enough, Mama Moli was taking the cleanse better than I was.

Quick Tip: It’s important to drink lots of water and herbal tea throughout the day when you do the juice detox. On day one, Mama Moli felt super faint and dizzy – she’s diabetic – so she had a small snack. A small amount of low sugar fruit or soaked nuts is recommended if your body badly needs something.

On day 3, she was found doing a full spring clean of the house – laundry included. She did admit that since the cleanse, she found that she also had less cravings, and way more energy than usual. So it is evident that each individual’s system will react to the cleanse differently. I am only noticing the added energy, lack of cravings (still) and smaller appetite now after the cleanse. Besides being super grumpy and missing the feeling of chewing the juices are actually delicious. One of my favourites was definitely the ‘Yellow Juice’, it consisted of pineapple, galena, lemon, apple and coriander. It’s important to drink your juices when they’re nice and cold, they’re far more enjoyable that way.

I would definitely suggest that everyone does a detox at least once in their lives if you really feel like you haven’t been eating or living well. It is a great way to restart your system and prepare yourself for a better, cleaner eating life. I ended my cleanse on a Friday and had a shoot the very day. My shoot preps usually include me doing a full face of make-up but on that morning my skin was just so much brighter, with the dark bags under my eyes gone that I even opted for just brows, lipstick and a little highlighter on my cheekbones, that’s it! Can you imagine? Also, the detox helps you appreciate food more than ever!! I indulged in a yummy bowl of oats and a small steak and salad on my first day after the detox, I literally savoured every moment!

I am not going to say that I will now 100% eat clean but what I definitely want to do is cut down on the alcohol, junk food and try to eat carbs and desserts once a week (as a treat). More than anything cutting down and seeing results for yourself is the best because then you know that your efforts were not for nothing.

For more details on Nirmala Juice, see details below: 

Telephone: 079 585 9326

Twitter: www.twitter.com/nirmalajuice

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thenirmalaway










  1. September 7, 2016 / 5:58 pm

    keen. sounds worthwhile

    • September 8, 2016 / 6:50 am

      you should definitely do it. let me know how it goes.
      p.s i’ve added a bit more to the post! x

  2. Simpzet
    September 8, 2016 / 9:39 am

    Mmmmnh I love fresh juice but I love food more…. But I’m definitely going to try detoxing for once in my foodalic lifestyle…