Over the past year or two I have come to embrace my short hair and being very experimental with
colour and lengths. I’ve gone from black to ginger to grey to platinum blonde and have loved every look.

Recently, Inecto released a new product range, a first of its kind from ethnic hair colour brand, the
Inecto Ultra Gloss Permanent Crème. The formula in this amazing product includes natural oils such as
African Baobab oil, Coconut oil and honey extracts. This is amazing, if you are not stranger to colour on
your hair, you will know that dyeing your hair with other products often leaves your hair very dry and
brittle. I’ve used Inecto a lot in the past when I happen to have time on my hands to dye my own hair, so
I am not new to the brand which is lovely. I know that it does the job and is easy and safe to use.
I took the plunge and used the new Inecto Ultra Gloss on my hair in Red Velvet which is a complete
change to the ash blonde colour that I was rocking. The Ultra Gloss range comes in other exquisite
colours. Following the easy 3 steps, I was able to colour my hair in under 50 minutes. What I loved about
the entire process.
  • I did not once feel any sort of burn or discomfort on my scalp once the product had been applied.
  • The instructions are short and concise, not leaving you confused at any moment of the dyeing process.
  • The product rinses out well, if you happen to get any dye on your fingers or forehead, a hot shower and some conditioner washes it off with ease.
  • The dye does not leave your hair dry, itchy and flaky, quite often after dyeing my hair, it gets very itchy and then starts to flake which is very unpleasant. I have not experienced this with the Inecto Ultra Gloss.
One thing to be weary of however is the colour that your hair will take after dyeing.
The Inecto colour will be affected by your current hair length and colour prior to dyeing, as mentioned
before, my hair was a weird ash blonde so after using the Red Velvet dye, my hair colour came out a
with accents of red rather than I deep, rich red that would be expected. Due to the length of my
hair, I also did not let the dye sit longer than instructed as I am always scared of causing any damage to
my scalp.
All in all, I had a very pleasant experience using the new Inecto Ultra Gloss and would definitely
recommend it especially because of the new innovation of the formula and inclusion of the natural oils.