Outre Peruvian Batik Lace


As mentioned in a previous post, I began my hair journey with Hair City a few months ago and it all began with trying out my first wig EVER! There’s truly nothing like the first time but the following times definitely get better. With the assistance from the friendly staff from Hair City  Mall of Africa, I managed to get my second wig!

I went in to get my second wig just before silly season started; holiday hair is an absolute must! I haven’t had black hair in forever so that inspired my choice of hair.  This time around I picked out the Outre batik lace front wig. I wanted big, curly hair, perfect for the long, wild nights that lay ahead for December.

The Outre batik lace front wig that I selected comes in a Peruvian texture which I absolutely love! When first trying out the wig the curls where not as wild and big as I had hoped but now that I have had the wig for a while, I have managed to open up the curls by gently running my fingers through the hair while it’s on my head  each time that I wear it. I obviously am not used to having hair on my head at all so the wig does get super hot and overwhelming on the warmer days. I do feel that the wig completes a lot the every day looks that I have been trying out. I now see the hair as an accessory or an enhancer for whatever looks that I go for when I do choose to wear it. 

The Outre Batik Lace front is available at Hair City for R860 and comes in 6 colours, I went for colour 1B which is like super black. I would advise that you call the store first to see if the colour you desire is available. What I love about these Outre batik lace wigs is that they are made from heat-resistant fibre so you are able to re-curl them if they lose the original curl and you can obviously wash the hair after several wears. 

Hair Care Tips:

  • Detangle hair from end to root before shampooing
  • Carefully wash in lukewarm water with mild shampoo
  • Do not rub or twist, but gently finger comb the hair
  • Follow with conditioner and rinse in similar fashion
  • Pat dry with a towel and do not rub or roll the hair
  • Air dry or blow dry with a diffuser or as recommended by your stylist
  • To avoid stretching or damaging the cap, do not place a damp wig on mannequin or styrofoam head
  • Styling tools should only be used when completely dry
  • Use electric curling or flat iron with temperature up to 400’F

What do you guys think of my holiday hair?!


Outift details

Lace front wig: Hair City 

Dress: Champagne The Colour 

Shoes: Fenty x Puma at Puma Select