Time Out | Peace Out


I just recently got back to Cape Town from a lovely school holiday spent at home in Soweto. This was the first where I actually did not want to leave home; I almost always cry boredom when I’m home for longer than a week. I got to rot in front of the TV while Mama Moli cooked the most delicious meals, met cute boys and saw friends who I hadn’t seen in years. It was honesty the best short holiday, my soul definitely needed it. As much as I had told myself that I would spend my time resting and working on my thesis (which is due in a few months), I went out a lot and slept really late every night.

Not much work, resting and blogging was done so I figured that all of that would happen when I got back to Cape Town – wrong assumption once again. As soon as I got back to school, I was thrown in the deep end with a brief from a top client. All I have time to do now is work on the brief, feel sorry for myself and sleep for 4 hours each night, if I’m lucky. Anyways the point of this whole post is to apologise for the silence and further silence to come – I’m going to take a little time off to focus on school until I am free to document the few great things I get to do in my sort of boring life.

In the meantime, during my time away, I will be working on developing my new portal www.sleeplessinsoweto.co.za as well as a little collaboration that I am working on with my Sissy, Sedi Ramone.

It’s Cape Town Fashion week this week so be sure to follow my live tweeting and IG postin’ this weekend! I promise to give you the worst kind of fomo! LOL!

That’s all from me, I will probably pop in every now and then but regular programming shall continue once I’ve settled back into school.