Cover Up – Part I

We have a love/hate relationship with winter: love the fashion, hate the cold. So in cases like these, it’s just better to cut your losses and focus on the good. When it comes to winter fashion the options (layers) are endless and the trying to decide on which items are essential can be tricky (and pricey).

We went through a phase where we lived in leggings and polo necks or body suits, added a pair of our fav boots then threw on a coat. Simple but you end up getting away with looking great without fail, every single time lol. The trick is to choose wisely and we’re here to help you decide on which ones to choose. There’s regulars like the overcoat, parka and the pea coat or you can give the new season essentials like the puffer or bomber jacket a try. 

The bomber has been a must for a while now and it’s not about to make an exit anytime soon. H&M has almost all the colours of the rainbow right now so you can make a statement in millennial pink or stick to the industry standard in olive-green.

If you didn’t have a puffer growing up, you missed out on looking and feeling like a marshmallow. These airy garments are back with a vengeance and as versatile as ever before. Unlike the corduroy vibes we matched them with in our youth, the puffer is the epitome of cool whether you choose to wear the right size of go up a few for a sports luxe look.

Look out for part 2 next week!

Jackets from H&M

Shot by Niquita Bento


Twiggy & Sedi